Long queue of trucks at Sino-Russian port

Long queue of trucks at Sino-Russian port

May 10, 2023

    In the spring of this year, the border ports between Russia and China have been revived, and the trade volume between the two countries has increased significantly.


    According to data released by the Russian Federal Customs Service, since the beginning of this year, the freight volume between Russia and China through the Far East highway ports has increased by nearly 50% year-on-year, exceeding 75,000 vehicle trips.



    In this context, the Russian "Izvestia" reported on May 15 that there was a serious congestion of trucks on the Russian side of the Baikalsk-Manzhouli International Highway Port outside the Russian-Chinese border.


    "About 700 trucks are waiting to pass through the Zabaikalsk port on the border with China. The congested section is as long as 11 kilometers. The truck drivers can only drive about 90-100 meters forward every day. Because of the severe congestion, there are conflicts between drivers from time to time. "


    In order to cope with the congestion, the Russian official announced that the Transbaikalsk port will start a 24-hour working system and be open around the clock.


    In other words, the Russians decided to keep going, and our staff at the Manzhouli port had to be forced to "007".


    According to CCTV news reports, on May 15, the trial 24-hour freight customs clearance at Manzhouli Highway Port in Inner Mongolia was officially launched, becoming the first border road port in the country with 24-hour freight clearance.

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