The March situation of China Railway Express

The March situation of China Railway Express

Apr 01, 2023

     In the 13th week of 2023, the four ports of the China-Europe Railway Express will fluctuate steadily. The average time for changing clothes in Korgos is 3-5 days, the average time for changing clothes in Alashankou is 2-3 days, and the average time for changing clothes in Erenhot is . 7-10 days. In late March, the number of customized trains at each station increased, the number of public trains decreased, and the departure delay situation at the departure station improved. The waiting time for entering stations in Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hefei, Zengcheng, Datian and other places was shortened. Yiwu and other places still need to collect goods 2-3 weeks in advance. On the whole, the timeliness of transportation in the European direction has been improved—taking Xi'an as an example, it takes 15 days to reach Budapest and 18 days to reach Duisburg. In the direction of the Russian line, the "c" and "Nansha-Moscow" lines performed well this week, with an average time-consuming of 12.5 days; the "Chongqing, Chengdu-Moscow" transportation time limit was between 16-22 days.

     In the 13th week of 2023, the April position of the European line is being booked. The positions in Yiwu will be scheduled after April 10, the positions in Chengdu will be placed until mid-April, and the positions of the "express train" in Xi'an inland port will open in late April. It is expected that the price of the platform will not fluctuate much. In the direction of the Russian line, the market is seriously involved, and the supply of positions exceeds demand. A freight forwarder said that most of the peers are actively filling positions recently, and the spot market freight rates of various routes have dropped by about 5%. At the same time, positions in the direction of Central Asia are sought after by the market. It is understood that Chongqing will open public train services to Central Asia in April, and it is expected to run once every two weeks. Silkroad Tuoke reminds you to pay attention in time.

      The fluctuation of the rental box price level this week is basically the same as that of last week, and Xiamen, Xi'an, and Chongqing are relatively short of boxes. The price of individual routes dropped slightly: "Shanghai-Malasevich" dropped to 600 US dollars, a drop of 14%; "Chengdu-Moscow" dropped to 900 US dollars, a drop of 5%. Overall, the cost of container leasing to Minsk is $100 higher than that to Moscow and St. Petersburg. After a period of slump, trailer prices in East China have rebounded this week, generally rising by 200-300 yuan. At present, the price of trailers from Shanghai and Ningbo to Xi'an is 9,800 yuan, and to Wuhan is 7,000 yuan. There is no obvious change in South China.

     The "Key Development Plan for Sino-Russian Economic Cooperation by 2030" is an important statement issued by the two countries during the state visit of the top Chinese leader to Russia, which aims to solve the bottleneck of cross-border flow of goods, capital and people and push bilateral trade to a higher level. Unprecedented levels, said Chinese and Russian entrepreneurs.

     From finance to logistics, to cooperation in specific industrial fields such as energy and agriculture, the plan covers eight aspects of Sino-Russian economic cooperation, and is one of the achievements of Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to Russia. Entrepreneurs say that if enough measures are taken to address these problems and tap the huge potential, Sino-Russian trade could easily reach $400 billion by 2030, almost double the current level.

     On March 24th, with a loud whistle, a China Railway Express (Wuhan) loaded with auto parts slowly drove out from the Wuhan Central Station of China Railway Union. The train will leave the country from Erlianhot Port and head to Belarus Ruozino, the whole journey is expected to take 20 days. This marks the smooth departure of the first "Wuhan-Belarus Zhodino" China-Europe train using the "fast customs clearance" mode.

     This is another new direct route to Belarus following the opening of the China Railway Express (Wuhan) to Minsk, Belarus in 2015, and the channel network of China Railway Express (Wuhan) has been further expanded. Zhodino, Belarus is about 50 kilometers away from Minsk. Due to the current congestion at the Minsk site, the development of new sites will improve transportation efficiency, provide customers with more efficient logistics services, and further play the role of China Railway Express (Wuhan) in the international logistics supply chain. stabilization promotion in . (Source: Changjiang Daily)

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