303 species! Shenyang China-Europe Railway Express "carrying goods" hits a new high

303 species! Shenyang China-Europe Railway Express "carrying goods" hits a new high

May 26, 2023

    On May 23, it was learned from Shenyang Customs that as of now, the number of export commodities transported by China Railway Express (Shenyang) has reached 303, a record high.


    It is understood that the current Shenyang China-Europe Railway Express (Shenyang) mainly comes from the three eastern provinces, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. , linseed, potassium chloride, dairy products, particle board, etc.


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    "Shenyang is an important transportation hub connecting China with Russia, Mongolia and European countries. It has a unique location advantage. This is the most important reason for the increasing variety of commodities carried by China-Europe Railway Express (Shenyang)", Sinotrans (Shenyang) International Railway Co., Ltd. Yao Xiang, assistant general manager of the company, said.


    "Shenyang China-Europe Railway Express, the transportation time is only a quarter of sea freight, and the price is one-fifth of air freight. The train is the best choice for both transportation and time costs."


    In order to help China Railway Express (Shenyang) attract more sources of goods, Shenyang Customs has made great efforts to introduce supportive policies since this year. For the manufacture of computers, communications and other electronic equipment, there is a risk of corroding products by sea, and the cost of air transportation is too high. The new policy allows enterprises to independently choose the customs clearance mode and port, and reduce the number of customs declarations. The Shenyang China-Europe Railway Express transports goods to Russia in only 12 days and to Germany in only 16 days. It is convenient to go anywhere.


    In order to further improve the efficiency of customs clearance of trains, Shenyang Customs also took the construction of smart customs as a starting point to intelligently upgrade the supervision facilities, guide vehicle transportation operations without manual intervention, strengthen on-site precision disposal capabilities, and optimize the verification and disposal functions of the logistics platform in the customs area Logic, further standardize the inspection and disposal process of goods entering the zone, and realize paperless inspection and disposal. At the same time, the customs has also improved the logic of the comparison function of the logistics platform’s exit and withdrawal areas, standardized the comparison information and approval process of the exit and withdrawal declaration data, and reduced the risk of customs supervision. (Source: Liaoning Daily)

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