Attacks by Houthi armed forces in Yemen create opportunities for development of China-Europe freight trains and increase shipping costs

Attacks by Houthi armed forces in Yemen create opportunities for development of China-Europe freight trains and increase shipping costs

Dec 21, 2023

      Recently, attacks by the Houthi armed group in Yemen have triggered shocks in the global shipping market. This series of events not only led to an increase in shipping costs, but also brought new development opportunities to China-Europe freight trains. In this environment full of challenges and changes, the 13th Global International Railway Transport Enterprise Development Summit and China-Europe Railway Logistics Supply Chain Cooperation Forum were successfully held in Chengdu recently and became the focus of the industry.

      The Houthi armed group in Yemen is a military faction in Yemen. They have recently attacked passing ships many times, putting shipping companies at increasing risk. This not only brings uncertainty to the global shipping business, but also hinders trade activities. In order to cope with this situation, many companies have begun to look for alternatives, among which China-Europe freight trains have become a highly watched option.

      The China-Europe Railway Express is a railway freight project jointly built by China and European countries, dedicated to connecting trade between the two major economies. Compared with sea transportation, China-Europe freight trains have higher safety and stability, and the transportation time is more controllable. Affected by the Houthi armed attacks, China-Europe freight trains have unique advantages in cargo transportation, attracting the attention of more and more traders and companies.

      At recent development summits and forums, participants actively discussed the future development trends of the railway transportation industry and how to further strengthen logistics supply chain cooperation for China-Europe trains. Representatives and business leaders from various countries shared their thoughts and experiences on industry development and sought new cooperation opportunities.

      The successful holding of this forum not only promoted extensive cooperation between China and Europe, but also provided new impetus for the development of the railway transportation industry. Participants agreed that China-Europe trains will become an important driving force in future trade and logistics, especially in the context of global shipping instability.

      For cargo owners and practitioners, it is crucial to grasp the freight rate trends in 2024. Although the attacks have led to an increase in sea freight, the advantages of China-Europe trains in transportation still exist. China-Europe trains' relatively stable transit times and high-quality services make them a viable option. In addition, with the continuous development and improvement of China-Europe freight trains, freight rates may gradually stabilize or even decline. Therefore, cargo owners and practitioners should actively pay attention to the development trends of China-Europe trains and flexibly adjust transportation strategies.

      In short, although the Houthi armed attack in Yemen has brought challenges to the global shipping market, it has also brought new opportunities to the development of China-Europe freight trains. In this ever-changing era, China-Europe freight trains, as a stable and reliable trade channel, will play an increasingly important role in global trade. We have reason to believe that as the China-Europe freight trains continue to grow, trade and logistics cooperation will further deepen, injecting new vitality into the development of the global economy.

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