Liquid Chemical Product from Xi'an to Moscow

Liquid Chemical Product from Xi'an to Moscow

Jul 28, 2023

Things to note when transporting Liquid Chemical Product by rail:

1. Confirm whether the consignor has CNAS (Railway Safety Certificate), product form(some Station don't accept Liquid Products), whether there is transportation record at the station and the type of cargo packaging;

2. Pay attention to whether the load is uneven when loading; if the load is uneven, the load will be adjusted at the station and additional charges will be incurred;

3. Pay attention to reinforcement. The cargo is too heavy and needs to be reinforced with triangular wood, straps, etc. to prevent it from sliding during transportation and causing transportation accidents.

4. Confirm the weight of a single piece in advance. Many stations will have a weight limit for a single piece; (for example, Jinan Station has a weight limit of less than 3 tons for a single piece)

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