Dear-Railway Container Transport company provides International Railway and Truck transportation services

Dear-Railway Container Transport company provides International Railway and Truck transportation services

Mar 28, 2024

      In addition to continuing to operate the original China-Europe freight train transportation business and domestic truck transportation business in 2024, Dear-Railway Container Transport Company will also add new international truck transportation businesses such as China-Russia, Belarus, Central Asia and Europe. These new additions will enable the company to expand its market share and offer a wider range of transportation services.

      The China-Russia trucking operation will support trade and business between the two countries. This business will connect China and Russia through land transportation, providing enterprises with safe and efficient cargo transportation services.


      Belarusian trucking operations will support trade between China and Belarus. Belarus is an important trading partner, and increasing trucking services with the country will help promote business exchanges between the two countries.

      Central Asia trucking business will cover many countries in Central Asia, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc. Central Asia is geographically important and strategically connected to China, Russia and Europe, so providing trucking services can meet the logistics needs of the region.


      The European trucking business will further expand the company's international business scope. As an important trading market, Europe's demand for cargo transportation from China and other countries continues to grow. By providing trucking services, Dear-Railway Container Transport Company. can meet customers' logistics needs in Europe and strengthen cooperative relationships with European companies.


      By adding these international trucking businesses, Dear-Railway Container Transport Company will be able to further expand its market share, provide more comprehensive international logistics solutions, meet the different needs of customers, and bring more opportunities for corporate development.

We also accept RUB payment from any Russia and Belarus Bank.

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