2*40 HQ of Chemical Product from Fuzhou to St. Petersburg

2*40 HQ of Chemical Product from Fuzhou to St. Petersburg

Jun 23, 2023

      Two 40HQ containers containing powdered chemical pigments were sent from Fuzhou to St. Petersburg, Russia via the Manzhouli Port by railway.

      The whole journey took 25 days and brought dazzling colors to the architecture, art and life of St. Petersburg.


Precautions for railway transportation of chemicals:

1. It is necessary to confirm in advance whether the shipper has a CNAS (Railway Transport Safety Appraisal Report);

2. Whether it is a single product name, or whether the same product name is packaged in different packages, they belong to two products; mixed packaging of chemical products is not accepted for railway transportation;

3. Product form, whether it is liquid, many railway stations do not accept liquid products; (Currently, Shanghai, Xi'an and other stations can issue liquid products)

4. Reinforce it well. If it is not fully loaded, it needs to be reinforced with triangular wood, straps, airbags and other reinforcement materials. If it does not meet the requirements, it will be reinforced again when entering the station, which will incur additional costs.

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