China-Europe (Central Asia) trains go to distant places in hope

China-Europe (Central Asia) trains go to distant places in hope

May 26, 2023

    Driving from Bole City to Alashankou, when you step on the hot land of Alashankou, you can feel the vivid scenes of China-Europe (Central Asia) trains running here in recent years. The colorful containers are like a win-win cooperation, common The continuous ribbon of development comes and extends away.


Ready-to-go trains.


    Alashankou City is a bridge connecting Asia and Europe and a link between Eastern and Western civilizations. There are 103 China-Europe (Central Asia) trains such as "Yuxinou" passing through here, covering 25 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and 19 countries.


    Reloading, that is, international trains need to be reloaded due to different gauges in addition to the entry and exit procedures. Imported goods are replaced by standard-gauge vehicles at Alashankou, and export goods are replaced by wide-gauge vehicles at the Dostyk Port in Kazakhstan.


The China Railway Express is changing gear.


    Recently, the reporter came to the container transshipment depot of Alashankou Station. This transshipment depot with an annual transshipment capacity of 200,000 TEUs can't be seen at a glance. The containers are piled up high, and four giant yellow bridge cranes are lightly stretching the ape's arms at the same time. , Lift each container smoothly, slowly translate, "lift" and then lightly place it on the quasi-gauge train. After a set of procedures, the reloading time of each train is about 1 hour.


    Not far from the transshipment depot is the Alashankou Railway Port, where the entry and exit trains from all over the country gather here every day. With the arrival of another wave of foreign trade peaks, the number of China-Europe (Central Asia) trains in use is also increasing. "Recently, there have been an average of 17 trains passing through each day." Lu Haifei, assistant engineer of the Operation Management Section of Alashankou Station of China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co., Ltd., said.


Freight trains in the marshalling yard of Alashankou Station are being assembled for departure.


    With the vigorous development of import and export trade, the role of the hub node of Alashankou railway port opening to the west has become increasingly prominent, and the inbound and outbound goods are in large quantities. Chemicals, building materials, department stores, auto parts and other commodities from inside and outside Xinjiang pass through the Alashankou railway port. It was continuously shipped to Central Asia, West Asia and European countries; iron ore, wheat, cotton yarn and other commodities from overseas also entered China through the Alashankou railway port.


    There are more and more orders, more and more frequent shifts, more and more products, and the development is changing with each passing day. In recent years, thanks to the good customs clearance environment, the business volume of Alashankou Bobao International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. has continued to grow. The freight trains it represents cover 20 lines including "Chang'an" and "Yixinou". Xiao Zhibin, head of the company's customs clearance and transportation department, said: "Information-based customs clearance has brought great convenience to the company, and more customers choose to ship through the Alashankou port."


A moving train.


    The China-Europe (Central Asia) train is an important bridge for Xinjiang to open up to the outside world. It should give full play to its advantages, deepen cooperation in the industrial chain and supply chain between regions, and promote high-level opening up. Up to now, there have been about 32,000 China-Europe (Central Asia) trains passing through the Alashankou Port, transporting nearly 300,000 TEUs of goods; the import and export freight volume of the Alashankou Railway Port is about 5 million tons. Logistics is as fast as the wind, driving the tide of industry and adding strong momentum to high-quality economic development.


    On May 4, more than 10 large-scale construction machinery were constructed in an orderly manner in Alashankou Station. According to Luo Wenhui, the person in charge of the China Railway First Bureau project responsible for the construction task, the expansion and renovation project of the reloading yard at Alashankou Station involves five reloading lines in the Yanchang area. time to improve the quality and efficiency of trains.


    "Hardware" and "software" are interdependent and co-exist. The coordination and cooperation of joint inspection units at ports have promoted the implementation of measures such as China-Kazakhstan credit handover, paperless customs clearance, and the "fast customs clearance" model, which has promoted the steady improvement of the quality of China-Europe (Central Asia) trains.


    When the indicator light is on, accompanied by a siren sound, the horn of the "Golden Train" is loud and clear, and it sails into the distance in hope.

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